Why Us


We have been doing low voltage since 2006. During this time, we have the ability to work with and support many integration companies giving us a unique insight into the things being done right and wrong. Our mission is to fix those mistakes and ultimately offer the very best user experiences to our clients.


Every client is unique and so is every system design. Here at Custom Control, we believe technology should blend seamlessly with its surroundings. All of our systems are engineered using a design-driven approach while working with our industry partners to create beautiful interior spaces. This means that every project comes complete with detailed plans and wiring schematics.


All of our systems are built and tested before they get deployed out into the field. This ensures that all firmware is up to date and everything is working as it should. We only use the highest quality of parts and are continuously testing new products to stay ahead of the competition. All of our systems are built for performance, reliability, and longevity. High-performance automation and entertainment systems are all we do.


We design intelligent solutions that simplify our lives. We believe that technology should blend with the interior scheme or disappear completely when not in use.


Today, we want to be connected to our homes more than ever in a simple, reliable, and intuitive way. We make it easy to control everything in your home with a single app.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
– Steve Jobs


We design all of our systems with first-class support. We know that technology can sometimes fail which is why we use a proactive approach to resolve any possible issues before the user becomes aware of a problem.

Why Us - Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Every one of our systems that we deploy comes equipped with a remote monitoring device ensuring all your devices are always online. This allows us to monitor, diagnose, and resolve issues remotely long before the user notices a problem. This also allows us to keep your system up to date and make any minor changes for you – free of charge.

Onsite Support

While most issues can be resolved remotely, sometimes it requires someone to come out and fix it in person. We have you covered there as well.


We offer the best warranty in the business. All of our systems come with a minimum 3-year warranty on both labor and products. We build the best systems and we back them with the best warranty!