Smart Home


Our smart home systems allow you to take full control of various devices within your home such as lighting, blinds, audio, video, security, and hvac, all within a single press of a button.

Tired of all those remotes laying around your living room? A single elegant touchpanel or remote can make life so much easier. 



A smart home doesnt truly become smart until it is automated. These are the events that happen automatically without any user input. Automation helps simplify your daily routines, protect your investment, and keep your family safe. Let your imagination run wild because the possibilites are endless. See a few examples below.

  • If a water leak is detected - Send a notifiction to my phone and close the water valve.
  • If there is a fire - Turn on all the lights and turn off HVAC


Monitor and control everything in your home from anywhere in the world. This is made easy using touch screens, handheld remotes, ipads, and phones, all within a single app.

A Day in the Life of a Smart Home

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